Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic    

Remember those old days when you used to keep your playing stuff in that cupboard. As you grew up you didn’t  get time to just open it and take your stuff out and start playing with it.  You grew up , cupboard grew up and now its of no use.

The day when when you and your friends together played soccer , baseball , basketball and all the other games are now just saved in corner of your mind named golden memories. 

The small ground where you and your friends use to play in any mood and any weather without caring of heavy rain , intense heat or severe cold are just part of memories now.

As we grow up we just run after the materialistic happiness in life. we run after earning money and all the luxuries of our life . We don’t even look after our childhood and keep on looking forward.

Dear friends look at your beautiful past and repeat it in present coz its better to say “yeah We ‘ve been still doing that stuff” instead of saying “At some point of time we also did that stuff”. Guys enjoy your life and instead of letting your memories corroded paint it with repetition so that you will live your life instead of watching it in your minds.